I'm Ryan, I'm 21, I'm from New York, and if you're going to ask me if the cough syrup post was serious then
I'm going to mail your parents a letter telling them that you're a disappointment.

JULIE: "For the first time in the history of Big Brother, there will not be 2 nominees every week..."
DAVID: "..."

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Anonymous asked: in your opinion, what needs to be done differently with the casting in future seasons of big brother to make things better?

Godbyn Kass needs to be given more control over the BBUS cast because clearly she’s striking gold in Canada choosing the cast by hand.

Anonymous asked: I don't understand why your idea of trying to stop hatred is - hating? Here's an idea: start educating those who do wrong. Without the hypocritical bashing and unnecessary hate. And how do you choose questions to answer? :D Those from people that agree with you and those who disagree with you but are easy to answer with an ironic gif? Am I close? I would say continue slaying, but I'm worried you'll take offense.

*burps for literally twelve full uninterrupted hours*

Anonymous asked: My address is canada sent my parents a letter.

Dear 100% all of Canada…

Someone just sent me an amaze big brother question BUT I’m heading out in a few minutes and I still have to get ready so I’ll answer it prob tomorrow when I get some free time :’)

im really regretting drinking as much coffee as I did today :::””)))))))

IS SHE GOING TO or is this just a dream request tbh

it’s a dream request that I WISH WOULD JUST HAPPEN ALREADY she’d be perf

fireallisongrodner replied to your post: but also like please remember that thi…

you’d be honestly appalled at the amount of straight men who think shes a “talentless slut”….. like, she deserves to be idolized tbh. i’ve literally been called a typical fag for liking her.. WTF

honestly what is wrong with people???? She has a successful pop career, dominated Dancing With The Stars, greatly impressed Andrew Lloyd Webber with her performance of Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (not just the singing, but her acting), performed a rock song that blew people away, was a fantastic Maureen during the Hollywood Bowl and was able to hold her own against Tracie Thoms, and year after year she does a duet with at least one finalist in X Factor UK and it’s always AMAZING. Like ???? what more do people need honestly

when. is. kristen. bell. going. to. play. Janet. in. Rocky. Horror????

but also like please remember that this happened. that Nicole Scherzinger performed Don’t Cry For Me Argentina and it was this perfect.

Nicole Scherzinger is literally the Kris Jenner of X Factor UK why don’t we talk about her more often


"i don’t support your lifestyle but-"


Anonymous asked: Im going to mail a letter to your parents for making a dumb joke that is actually a serious problem

cough syrup is a serious problem


I found someone’s tumblr logged in on this computer and all I did was change the icon


I’m going to be laughing about this for ages

whyant replied to your post: oops ha ha i accidentally drank four c…

does this mean youll be like fry in that one episode of futurama?

basically :::::’”“”))))))