CODY: “I don’t wanna go on the block”

AMBER: “Yeah, that’s why you guys are keeping each other safe.”

CODY: “No we …… aren’t….”


Like the fact that there are ACTUAL PEOPLE saying “Yeah, don’t tell that adult human being about their family member dying because it MIGHT affect my enjoyment of this reality TV show” is so beyond fucked up.

The fact that some people think that maintaining the integrity and authenticity of a reality show is more important than a family death is terrifying. Some of you (and Spencer) need some fucking perspective.

Who’s going on the block this week America!? Oh, tune in Sunday. Anything new? No, boring. Let me shut off the TV cause I’m bored already.

Victoria speaking for most of us right now. (via acatonaleash)

wang-dangdoodle replied to your post: I really need Zach to stay HoH but tha…

Its better if he doesnt because than he has the chance of competing next week again

Oh I couldn’t care less about that. I need him to stay HoH so that Christine and Nicole stay on the block, Victoria and Jocasta have immunity, and Caleb possibly gets backdoored. If Frankie stays HoH either Jocasta or Amber is gonna leave FOR SURE, and I’m not cool with that.

Isn’t it so funny when the “oh well, suck it up, someone has to go on the block” people find their way onto the block and start throwing tantrums? loves it

I really need Zach to stay HoH but that means that it probably won’t happen because everything I want to happen ends up not happening during this season because big brother hates me

Derrick keeps saying that the fact that he threw the HoH to Frankie should be a legitimate reason for him not to go on the block because “you don’t wanna look like an asshole.”

Wow, good thinking using someone else’s family death to benefit your game.